second summer school creative brief


Here’s my second and last submission for the make it in design summer school. The one I ended up submitting was hope, but for awhile I was very undecided. I got it in just under the wire, right before leaving for a big party for my fiance’s grandmothers 80th birthday party (it was a pretty cool day). I’m pleased with how they turned out and I think my hand lettering is really improving.

For anyone thinking about doing the summer school next year, I would recommend it. It’s pretty cool just to have the facebook group and be able to get other designers’ opinions and see how different people interpret the briefs. Here’s the course’s website if you’re interested: You can also see the galleries with all the participants submissions.

Summer School first assignment


At the last minute I decided to join the make it in design summer school. The first brief for the intermediate track was based on the trend “eco decay”. It’s a trend that I find really cool and I would have loved to interpret for my textile design work, however I signed up to the course wanting to create something for my art licensing/illustration portfolio. Since the types of products the two different bodies of work end up on are different (my textile design work ends up on apparel and my art licensing work ends up on stationery, home products, childrens’ publishing, gifts, etc.) the way I interpret the trends are different. I would have gone even more textural with stronger, darker colours and left out the mushroom icons if  I were designing for apparel, interpreting the trend more literally, but I went in a lighter “cuter”, more illustrative approach instead, since I wanted to create a print that would look good on different types of products. I think I stuck a good balance. I also came up with a couple of quick co ordinate prints to go along.

Here’s how it would look on a tote bag:

totebagmockupOverall, it was a good experience and I enjoy design challenges. I think I found a way to be informed by the trend but still maintain my own style. I can’t wait for the next brief!