Christmas designs and a free printable!

I have some free printables for anyone who wants them! These are to make a cute little christmas bunting. Just print (you can pick red or blue or combine the two!) and cut out around the grey outline, then punch holes at the top of each shape and thread the ribbon through. Easy! I recommend good quality cardstock or photopaper because they can tend to curl up over time on cheap computer paper and the color doesn’t print as nice. click on the links below the images to download as a pdf.

The blue version: michellelobeliachristmasbuntingblue

The red version: michellelobeliachristmasbuntingred

These were made out of the icons I drew for these christmas patterns:


And if you like this pattern, consider buying it on a cushion  or another item I have available on redbubble here.



I joined Redbubble

I finally got around to joining redbubble, yay! Here are some of my favourite products so far:


All of these were painted in acrylics and finished up in photoshop, by the way. I don’t normally work in acrylics so I had a bit of fun getting messy!

Here’s how to find my redbubble shop:

Summer School first assignment


At the last minute I decided to join the make it in design summer school. The first brief for the intermediate track was based on the trend “eco decay”. It’s a trend that I find really cool and I would have loved to interpret for my textile design work, however I signed up to the course wanting to create something for my art licensing/illustration portfolio. Since the types of products the two different bodies of work end up on are different (my textile design work ends up on apparel and my art licensing work ends up on stationery, home products, childrens’ publishing, gifts, etc.) the way I interpret the trends are different. I would have gone even more textural with stronger, darker colours and left out the mushroom icons if  I were designing for apparel, interpreting the trend more literally, but I went in a lighter “cuter”, more illustrative approach instead, since I wanted to create a print that would look good on different types of products. I think I stuck a good balance. I also came up with a couple of quick co ordinate prints to go along.

Here’s how it would look on a tote bag:

totebagmockupOverall, it was a good experience and I enjoy design challenges. I think I found a way to be informed by the trend but still maintain my own style. I can’t wait for the next brief!